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Hypnotherapy Treatments Available

This list is by no means exhaustive, please phone me if you would like to discuss your specific problem or goals.

Every person is different, and although the apparent symptom may be the same, the underlying causes and the treatments are often different. The efficiency of the treatment relies strongly on your commitment to the treatment, and your willingness to do work yourself.

Hypnotherapy for Smoking Cessation

A Fresh Start and a Healthy New You
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Once you’ve decided you want to quit and become a healthy non-smoker please call me to arrange an appointment. The session lasts about an hour and a half as we discuss every aspect of your habit and the positives of leaving the cigarettes (or anything else you might be smoking) in the past. Before you arrive for the session you need to throw away everything in your life concerned with smoking – ashtrays, leftover cigarettes, tobacco etc. I also ask that you wash or dry clean any clothes that you regularly wear whilst smoking. After hypnotherapy you will leave with a clear mind and return to a non-smoker’s life.

Inner Confidence

In Exam Tests and Public Speaking
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Whether you need to speak in public, take an exam or a driving test it is advantageous to feel a sense of confidence, control and just the right amount of adrenalin to give your peak performance. When you are feeling confident you are more in control of your mind and body. Your breathing is natural, free and easy; your thoughts are exclusively on what you are doing, your mind can recall information and your goals are clear and defined. During our sessions we will focus on your goal, your preparation, clearing any unwanted thoughts and automatic negative patterns and building up resources.

Overcoming Anxiety

Calm Mind, Calm Body
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In addition to working together in hourly sessions I will also teach you self-hypnosis, provide you with audio files and relaxation exercises that you can use when you are at home. Once you have a tool kit of resources to help you overcome anxiety you will be helping not only your mind but also helping your body free itself of unwanted tensions and stress chemicals. The number of sessions depends on the individual.

Stopping or Reducing Panic Attacks

Reducing Feelings of Fear, Worry and Loss of Control
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Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for panic attacks. Through the use of hypnosis, we can access your unconscious mind and communicate, make suggestions and sometimes negotiate with it to make powerful positive changes. The work I do is tailored to your individual situation, to the cause and reason for the attacks and the way your body responds to certain triggers, if applicable.

Hypnotherapy for a Phobia

Gaining Control Over Your Fears to Allow You to Live Your Life
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Phobias differ to anxiety – they do not involve just intense fear, they are an irrational and an extreme fear of one object or situation. The good news is that because they are often so irrational and specific, we can completely focus on the object or situation and reassure the unconscious mind. Hypnotherapy, with the use of neuro-linguistic programming, has helped thousands of people live a life free of illogical fear.

General Wellbeing

Changing the Habits of the Past into Habits of the Future
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We will begin by discussing the underlying issues that you are unhappy with and quickly move onto your solutions. Hypnotherapy helps you break any unwanted habits, encouraging you to install new unconscious healthy habits. Too many of us try to use our conscious, rational minds to implement change but we forget the years of learnings, the well-trodden neural pathways and limiting beliefs stored deep in our powerful unconscious mind.

Pain Reduction or Elimination

Treatment for Chronic Pain
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You must have always seen your GP first as pain can be a symptom of something needing medical attention. If there is no reason for the pain or the conventional routes aren’t helping then hypnosis may help eliminate or reduce the pain to a more comfortable, but safe, level.

Other Treatments

Treatment for Chronic Pain
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Hypnotherapy for gut-directed hypnotherapy, hypnotherapy for nail biting, blushing and stress related skin conditions