Hypnotherapy Sessions On-line via Skype or Zoom

Hypnotherapy Sessions On-line via Skype or Zoom

6th of March, 2020

Hypnotherapy sessions are also available via Skype or Zoom.

As long as you can see and hear me, you’ll be able to experience exactly the same benefits as you would with a face-to-face session.


Skype and Zoom

Skype and Zoom are free software applications that enable you to attend a session wherever you are in the world. 

Both systems are encrypted as they are transmitted, so our communications remain just as private and confidential as if we were face-to-face.


As long as you have the following, we are able to work together easily

  • an internet connection
  • a computer with a webcam and microphone, a tablet or phone.  If you are using a tablet or phone I need to be able to see your face during hypnosis so they will need to have the ability to be propped up.
  • somewhere comfortable to sit or lie down (Sitting is more preferable but not a necessity)



There are many advantages to working online. 

  • Firstly, you don't need to travel to me.  This saves you time, cuts down on fuel costs and emissions and there is no stress that can sometimes occur on a car, bus or train journey. 
  • You may find that being in your own home environment helps to make you feel even more safe and secure. 
  • If you are dealing with chronic pain or illnesses that make travel difficult or impossible, to be able to stay physically comfortable in your own home makes the whole experience more relaxed.
  • And it doesn’t matter where you live in the world, or if you are working away or on holiday – you can still book a session when you decide you want it.  If you’re outside the UK, time zones have to be considered; but if you book online this is automatically taken into account when you enter your details.


Way forward

If you think an online appointment would be preferable there are a couple of ways to book.

You can either book through this site or call me on 07751 468973.

And don’t worry if you’re a little unsure about how to use these services.  I always allow extra time to talk through any teething problems.  And I always take a phone number so we can chat whilst we connect (or re-connect!).

If you have additional concerns/questions about online hypnotherapy, please contact me.